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Louis N. Beaudry

Photo taken: abt. 1880 - Montreal, Canada
Photo found: Antique Depot - Ellicott City, MD
Status: looking for family

To say Louis Napoleon Beaudry was the easiest research case I've ever done wouldn't be too much of an overstatement.

I was excited to find this perfectly preserved, labeled, CDV in Ellicott City, Maryland - a cute little town just outside of Baltimore which is also home to the United States' oldest surviving railroad station. If I had known that, I probably would have spent a bit more time soaking in the history, rather than just glancing at it from across the street.

Louis didn't show up on FamilySearch instantly, which usually gives me sort of a scare. So I turned to Google and searched for the art studio listed on the back of his portrait: JC Parks Art Studio, Montreal. And, in the first time in FFP history, this search didn't just lead me to dates of operation with which to narrow down my search parameters; it actually lead me to Louis himself.

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