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Isaac Long & Effie Showalter

Harrisonburg: a small historic town nestled near the Virginia/West Virginia border in Shenandoah Valley, and a mainstay of our getaway to this beautiful region of the world. We rented a cottage-like Airbnb overlooking the green rolling hills of Shenandoah outside of Harrisonburg and made frequent trips into town to explore the many breweries and, of course, the Rolling Hills Antique Mall.

This antique mall had photo after photo after photo: beautiful old cabinet cards and cartes de visite awaiting their permanent place in the hands of their descendants. Unfortunately, very few had names on them. The only two which did, in fact, were a cabinet card labeled "Cousin Isaac Long" and a portrait of the same Isaac posing with who I could only presume was his wife: a woman by the name of Effie.

But they were pricey, and I wasn't particularly smitten with them, nor did I think a name like "Isaac Long" would return results specific enough for me to narrow down the correc…

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