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How to Research Old Photos


You're a self-proclaimed genealogy nerd, the heir to a shoe-box of old family photos, or a savvy thrifter with an eye for ephemera. In any case, you want to learn how to identify long-forgotten individuals, and so you're reading this post.


The first step, if you don't already have photographs that you're working with, is to find photographs worthy of research. Obviously, the most important facet of this is to find photographs with names.
The more peculiar the name, the better: you might find an old photo of a Joseph Smith, but if the choice is between that and one with a name like Fred Schleiniger, you can obviously guess which one will be an easier research case.

Types of photographs

Second, know the era of the photo. You may be able to identify a general timeframe from the clothing or the objects in the photo (if there is a car, for example), but the easiest and most fool-proof way to identify the date of a photograph is understanding the types of photos you …

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