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Susie Nolt Burkholder

While researching the Hess and Nissley families of Pennsylvania, it became apparent that they were two prominent families within the Mennonite community of Lititz, PA (which, by no coincidence, is just a short hour's drive away from Joy's Antiques, where the collection of photos was found.)

Being old, established families in a small community has its perks: these families oftentimes become leaders in their communities, serve as community historians, are understood to be trustworthy, and perhaps have long-established plots of land: large farms, good amounts of livestock, and a steady income. Amongst these perks, they are also easy for genealogists to research.

As it turns out, the Hess and Nissley family sagas are well-documented in Historic Mennonite Farms and Homes', run by no other than a man by the name of Clarke Hess.

It is on this blog that we begin our search for a new subject of this blog: not of the Nissley or Hess name, but rather of the Burkholder family. But, as…

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