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Eliza Ellen Taylor

In our last post, we took a look at a fantastic portrait showcasing four generations of women: Fontabelle Baker Snodgrass, Ada Taylor Baker, Emma Bowen Taylor, and the mysterious 'Grandmother Wilkinson' whom we can only assume was Emma's mother.

In this post, we continue the saga of this family by going one generation deeper, to Emma Bowen Taylor's mother-in-law.

Emma Bowen married John Robinson Taylor, who was born in 1847 to William Hendricks Taylor and Eliza Ellen Robinson. The portrait of Eliza Ellen certainly is a strange one - perhaps a pencil drawing, framed quite haphazardly by cardboard.

Eliza and William were married on August 25, 1840, according to her FindAGrave. And, well, as far as her life goes...that's really all the information readily apparent. I could do a bit more in depth research - the dedicated, all-encompassing genealogy I would do for my own ancestors - but hey, you're only really here for the photos right?

Well, it isn't a photo, bu…

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