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The Nissley Family of Lancaster: Barbara Nissley

We return to western Pennsylvania in our search on a new family. Of the many well-kept cabinet cards I collected from Joy's Antiques of Quarryville, PA, a handful of them were of an apparently large family from the greater Lancaster area: the Nissleys.

Barbara Nissley, a young woman in perhaps her teenaged years or early-twenties, sits in Simenhoff Photography Studio in Lancaster, Penssylvania. She dawns a dramatic mutton sleeved blouse with an embellished vest - a common look for women privy to fashion in the 1890s.

Much to any genealogist's delight, the previous owner of this cabinet card provided not only Barbara's full name on the backside, but also her married name: Mrs. Isaac Miller. It seems like an easy enough beginning to a search into the Nissley family, so we begin our research there.

A marriage certificate was easy to find: Barbara Nissley married Isaac Miller on November 27th, 1900 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The certificate indicates that Barbara was born in 1…

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