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The Hess Family of Lancaster: Henry Hess

We concluded our previous blog post about Salinda and Henry Hess with an outline of the Hess family tree. As discovered, Salinda remained single her entire life, and left no descendants to track down. Henry, it was assumed, would have been the son of one of Salinda's brothers, as they shared a surname (thus his Hess parent would be a male). However, as it turns out, the Mennonite families of Lancaster County were... large. After researching the Nissleys and Rissers, it became apparent that it was naive to believe the relationship between Henry and Salinda would be so simple as nephew-aunt.

I had no luck on FamilySearch attempting to link our Henry to one of Salinda's brothers, so I turned to an alternate source: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. 

I thought it was lucky of me to have found two portraits of Henry Hess at Joy's Antiques, but lo and behold, he has two more posted by LMHS!

Though his 'profile' does not include information as to who his parents we…

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