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Lizzie Rutt

An aging portrait of a young woman, hair parted down the middle, leaning on her right palm looking longingly past the camera.

This is Lizzie Rutt in the late 1890s. She was born in West Donegal Township, a community northwest of Lancaster, to Peter N. Rutt and Mary K. Stoner. Peter was a farmer: a typical profession for inhabitants of West Donegal.

When this photo was taken, Lizzie was in her late teens, having been born in 1880, and she and her elder sister Minerva (or Minnie, as she preferred to go by) who was 9 years Lizzie's senior, worked as servants. In this photo, Lizzie is also nearing her wedding day.

On November 29th, 1900, Lizzie will marry a man 5 years her senior: Joseph N. Risser (though he went by Joe). After their marriage, Joe would take up a career in concrete laying for the streets and houses of Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., where they would live out their days.

Joe and Lizzie would go on to have two children: Ethel, born 1909, and Raymond, born 1921, and they s…

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